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Sun Light Sensitive Pigment
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sunlight sensitive pigment uv light photochromic pigment  for photochromic t-shirt

1. photochromic pigment (sunlight sensitive pigment) color change by sunlight, indoor

Is colorless, outdoor is colorful.

2. using the area: widely used in cosmetics, paint, coatings, fabric, pastic, nail polish, etc.

3. Color: colorful

4.photochromic pigment powder is very popular used in photochromic t shirt,uv sensitive color changing t-shirt/uv color changing clothes etc



The photochromic product changes colors when exposed to sunlight/UV, and reverts to its original color when the sunlight/UV is dimmed or blocked. After absorbing the energy of sunlight/UV, its molecule structure is changed, which causes its absorbed wavelength to be changed allowing a color to appear. It reverts to the original molecule structure and color when the light stimuli is dimmed or blocked.

Photochromic Pigments react to changes in light levels, they are so quick-changing that they will completely change from their pale color to a deep beautiful rich color within 1 second of being exposed to direct sunlight. This is a great color change product for those who live in any climate, as they only need sunlight to change.


Photochromic pigments will not fade in UV/sunlight, as they are dependent on UV/sunlight for activation.


1.Paint: suitable for use surface coating products such as PMMA paint, ABS spray paint,  PVC paint and water-based paint.

2.Ink: suitable to be printed on various kinds of material, such as fabric, paper, synthetic film and glass.

3.Plastic products: plastic injection and extrusion using high color density PE or PMMA photochromic master batch.

4.Textile: it is also suitable for textile colorant ,such as shoes, T-shirt, bag etc

5.Cosmetic - Nail polish gel for color change nail art.

                            colorless in the door                                                                                            colorful outdoor